Me Myself and I.

What does your art focus on?

The stuff I do is literally me. My passion for technology, for the virtuality. I started working on this kind of things one year ago, so I feel the need to improve and express as much as I can. I try to communicate daily what I feel and what I see in a way that's aesthetically pleasing. I can say this work is principally focused on doing and improving myself from a creative point of view. The content of the work is instead mainly derived from the daily emotional sphere that accompanies me.
What triggers your imagination?

Music. Music is a big part in my life and my daily routine in general, since the moment I wake up to the moment I turn off the PC. In this period I started working in a studio with a group of colleagues and designer friends. This also plays a fundamental role in the creative process. I am constantly stimulated in a context of this kind.

Who’s had the most influence on your artistic growth and why? 

I studied graphic design and fine arts, followed the work of many artists, especially digital artists, i can't make specific names. Now I absorb a lot of influences from Internet and Instagram but the greatest influence comes from my friends, from the things we share, from the projects we are putting together.

Besides your computer/phone, what is the one thing you cannot work without? 

Music and coffee, really. Music drives emotions and amplifies feelings. Coffee helps my body to stay active to perceive that.

Has Instagram influenced your work?  

Instagram made me do it. Before discovering Instagram I was afraid to share my work, I did not feel up to it. I then saw that the community of creators on social media was really great and the desire to really test myself grew in me. Basically the work of many artists and their continuity pushed me to create.

Name three Instagram accounts you follow religiously.




Tell us about your biggest failure.

Fortunately I have not had big failures in life. As I said before, until recently I had never been exposed. I hope to do more and better, and if failures should arrive I will obviously take them as such to improve myself and be shaped as well.

Your five all-time favorite movies?

Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo

2001 a Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick

Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick

Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee

La Haine by Mathieu Kassovitz

These films played an important role in my visual growth. Each frame of these films tells a lot from the aesthetic point of view. Masterpieces.

Your all-time five favorite music tracks?

Maggot Brain – Funkadelic

Lo Straniero – Sangue Misto

Another World – The Chemical Brothers Recurring – Bonobo

Move On Up – Curtis Mayfield

Who is your dream collaboration?

It would be awesome to collab with a legend in the industry such Ash Torph. But my dream is to work with one of my all time favorite artists, Kendrick Lamar.

What keeps you going?

Things like this interview, the opportunity to express myself and show my work to the world. The possibility of doing the thing I love. Mouse and keyboard are more comfortable than the bed for me. I think I'll never stop. 

PhotographyEli Rezkallah