Describe your work in three words.

Metaphysical surreal lie. 


What does your art focus on?

Recently I felt in love with 3D. I use it in order to experiment what it would be impossibile or expensive to make in the real world.


What triggers your imagination?

I like to inspire myself with good movies. When I go to the cinema, I sit down and I literally let that movie feed me with its music, images and all those moments that create in me a feeling. I start from those feelings to create something new. 


Who’s had the most influence on your artistic growth and why? 

When I was child I started to draw because I liked The Simpsons on television. I drew a lot and then I understood that I wanted to study art. There I felt in love with impressionism and all modern art, including history of advertising and graphic design.


Besides your computer/phone, what is the one thing you cannot work without? 

Music. When I work alone I cannot start without my favourite biscuits and my favorite peach juice.


Has Instagram influenced your work?  

I say yes, because it helped me to discover new people and references but I always try not to abuse it too much, because I take inspiration and being influenced as concepts, and the last one is dangerous. 


Name three Instagram accounts you follow religiously.

Actually I really enjoy the work of 

@Eloisa - @Six N. Five - @Vallée Duhamel 


Tell us about your biggest failure.

Some time ago I took part in a graphic design contest. We had a theme and we had to express that with a maximum of 10 illustrations. I decided to make all 10 and I was sure that at least one could win. 

At the end, the contest was won by a guy who made just one amazing illustration, I was really upset but since that moment I have understood that it is better to focus on quality then quantity.


Your five all-time favorite movies?

“The Best Offer” - I think it is one of the most dramatic movies I ever seen. Everyone has an experience of a broken heart.

“Interstellar” - I am a big fan of science fiction and Nolan’s style. I like his capacity to make you think and identify yourself with the characters. Plus I love the simplicity but  power of soundtracks directed by Hans Zimmer.

“The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie” - I love the lightness, the humor and the beauty of picture. Lovely soundtracks by Yann Tiersen.

“Little Miss Sunshine” - Same reason as  Amélie, but with more dramatic sense as it shows you a societal dimension.

“The Blues Brothers” - Probably the first movie I watched. So funny and brilliant story. Thanks to this movie I discovered blues, country and jazz.


Your all-time five favorite music tracks?

-Chopin - “24 Preludes, Op. 28:No.15 in D flat major - Sostenuto”

-Tame Impala - “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”

-M83 - “Outro”

-Jacob Bellens - “Untouchable”

-Pink Floyd - “Money”


Who is your dream collaboration?

If you mean a client, MTV and VANS have always been my dream since I started. Instead for a non-commercial project there are many people I’d love to work with, but it would be really interesting to collaborate with Pablo Alfieri, I like his works and taste.


What keeps you going?

I like to push myself. My value (and flaw) is that I am pretty ambitious, I like to think big. But it is not ego, we live this life and I think anyone should pretend the best by it, we should go as far as we can using all our opportunities and tools.



PhotographyEli Rezkallah