Playful, stimulating, mellow.

What does your art focus on?

The experimentation of textures, lights and motion.

What triggers your imagination?

I know this is a bit cliché, but anything can trigger my imagination. Sometimes it’s a song, another piece of art, or something I touch. I try to figure out how I can reinterpret whatever the trigger was using my 3D software. Living in New York City I come across interesting things almost everyday and something I see will often trigger an idea.

Who’s had the most influence on your artistic growthv? 

My close group of friends. Four years ago we all moved up to NYC after grad school and got jobs as art directors. They’re a tough crowd, but they’re always honest with their feedback and are the first people to share new sources of inspiration with me. They push me to be better.

Besides your computer/phone, what is the one thing you cannot work without? 

My headphones because I really don’t like working without music.

Has Instagram influenced your work?  

Absolutely. Instagram is a great platform for emerging artists like myself to share their work and gain traction. Seeing other artists’ work inspires and motivates me to keep making my own. It’s allowed me to follow artists that I would have never come across on my own.

Name three Instagram accounts you follow religiously.




Tell us about your biggest failure.

Not sure if it’s my biggest failure, but a recent failure that comes to mind is when I tried to take

on a big project that I ultimately had to “quit” because I was in over my head. As an emerging

artist I felt like I couldn’t turn this opportunity down and I was excited at the challenge. Halfway through the project it became obvious that it required a particular, technical expertise to achieve the look the client was going for. This experience taught me a valuable lesson in knowing when to say no or admitting when you don’t have the skillset that suits the project.

Your five all-time favorite movies?

WALL-E - I was blown away by how much personality the characters had and they couldn’t even speak. I loved the textures and animations.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (original) - The imagination was incredible and

I’ve always wanted a Fizzy Lifting Drink.

Superbad - I’ve seen it so many times and it’s still hilarious every time.

Remember the Titans - One of the best sports movies in my opinion.

Back to the Future - This movie will never go out of style and it’s the reason I became

obsessed with sneakers.

Your all-time five favorite music tracks?

All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem

Runaway - Kanye West, Pusha T

The Girl from Ipanema - Astrud Gilberto, João Gilberto and Stan Getz

Biking (Solo) - Frank Ocean

Sonata No. 14 Moonlight - Ludwig van Beethoven

Who is your dream collaboration?

Can I choose both James Turrell and Tinker Hatfield?

What keeps you going?

I love learning new things, especially when it comes to the tools I use to create my work. Not

only is there still so much to learn about the software I use currently, but there are so many

others out there that I’ve yet to explore.

PhotographyEli Rezkallah