Colorful, loathsome and ambivalent.

What does your art focus on?

The main focus of my work would be death, its role in life and the way society deals with it.

What triggers your imagination?

Life is a mixture of love and hate. For me, hatred predominates in daily life and to ventilate this I draw my frustrations away. So you could say this triggers my imagination because it gives me a reason to create. 

Who’s had the most influence on your artistic growth? 

I think it is impossible to say who has had the most influence on me because these days we get inspired by so many things that it can’t be pinned down to a specific thing or person. But the biggest growth came from myself. I’ve struggled for a while with what I wanted to do artistically after I graduated from art academy, but over time I found my own style by pushing myself to keep doing different things. Apart from myself, my girlfriend made this growth possible by always supporting me and giving me the space and time I needed. 

Has Instagram influenced your work?  

Yes, a lot. In my search for what to do Instagram gave me a reason to create. It gave an audience which pushed me to do better and be more creative.  

Besides your computer/phone, what is the one thing you cannot work without? 

If it comes down to stuff, I need my Wacom pen tablet. I can’t draw without it. But on an emotional level I really need the love of my girlfriend and my two dogs Leica and Nacho. 

Name three Instagram accounts you follow religiously.

I wouldn’t say I follow any “religiously” but I do like accounts like Brutmagazine and because they give artists an opportunity to share their work and are a great source for finding new artists. Besides accounts like that I love the work from Christian Rex van Minnen. 

Tell us about your biggest failure.

What an awful question. But yeah it took me like four times to get my driver’s license. I really don't handle stress well and kept making stupid mistakes because of it. In the end I did pass the exam, which taught me persistence pays off.  .

Your five all-time favorite movies?

American History X; because it is a great movie 

about social problems and personal struggle

House of 1000 Corpses; Rob Zombie + sick and funny people = good.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels; fun.

Fight Club; personal struggle and mental problems 

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas; crazy Johnny Depp.

Your all-time five favorite music tracks?

Tracks come and go, but my favorite album is the self-titled first (real) album from Slipknot. 

In my puberty I listened a lot to artists like Slipknot, Marilyn Manson and Korn. I think this is the foundation for the way I think but it also sometimes feeds the hatred 

Who is your dream collaboration?

I don’t really feel the urge to collaborate with other artists, although it can be fun. But a dream / unrealistic collaboration would be with Marilyn Manson.  

What keeps you going?

I know it sounds cheap but like I said I really need the love of my girlfriend and my two dogs. Dealing with my frustrations and hatred against today’s society I get my happiness and love from them and they keep me going and striving to be better.