As they say, “money talks, bullshit walks.”  That is the story as March begins.  There may be so much going on in both of your financial houses when March opens, that it could take you for a tailspin.  There will be so much to do, and so very little time to do it! There is also chance you may have negotiated a new purchase or lease within the past month, and as exciting as that may be, it could also be stressful, especially when you have so many ideas to manifest.  Be grateful, happy, and get shopping for some awesome décor if that is the case. If you hired some contractors, they will get things done, but it may leave a little hole in your wallet, so make sure you save for a rainy day while shelling out for your new digs. If you have not thought about real estate lately, it could be that you are negotiating a new salary, leaving an old job for greener pastures, or getting a nice big tax check.  Regardless, your value will go up when you wow people with your work ethic this month. Once Venus moves into your house of communications on 3/7, it may be time to take some selfies for your portfolio, or take that short trip for that fashion photo shoot you have booked for your new launch. Mercury retrogrades in your house of siblings, short trips, neighbors, and communications, so that area will be highlighted until the third week of April. If there is something you want to publish, hit send and watch the doting admirers take notice. People you have collaborated with in the past may come back for round deux with Jupiter retrograding in your house of career on 3/9. The month ends with a full blue Moon in Libra, and you may be taking a trip very soon to a distant locale.  Enjoy it, as nobody deserves it more than you, dear Aquarius!

by Astromaji