As March begins, Venus will still be in Pisces in your behind-the-scenes sector, so you may feel like ideating about your next masterpiece instead of creating it, but that feeling will be short lived.  Once Venus moves into Aries on March 7th, you will pull out all the stops. This will have you right back to your ambitious, fun-loving, and adventurous self and you may call the team in to brainstorm some killer project ideas or get a new look to show the outside world just how good you feel. The full moon in Virgo on March 2nd will affect your house of work, health, routines, and small pets, so there may be a shift to a new job or a change at a current job. Getting that summer body exercise program and diet could really pay off as well.  There could be news about a beloved pet come through in order for care to be figured out for him or her. Jupiter goes direct in your financial section on March 9th, and it may be time for you to budget and do your taxes instead of splurging on those new Tom Ford glasses. There could even be planning surrounding real estate. The month ends with a new moon in Pisces and your spiritual side may get a boost.  Meditate and listen to your inner voice that tells you that good changes are coming. March 22nd begins the Mercury retrograde, so do not sign on any dotted lines unless you are drawing, and wait until the end of April to commit to anything.  Past situations or people may be coming back to interact with your fabulous self.

by Astromaji