March starts out with you needing a whole lot of inspiration, Cancer.  So much inspiration that you get into the car and drive to a locale that makes you feel nostalgic and happy. Communication regarding important topics will be had, as well as favorable conclusions to lingering topics. The Virgo moon will have you feeling a bit more grounded than usual when it comes to making some decisions and communicating them. When Venus moves into Aries on March 7th, you may review whether or not the job you have now is right for you, or you could get a nice little raise if you have been doing a stellar job. If you are a parent, you will review the care of your child near March 9th when Jupiter retrogrades, and you will want only the best for them. If you are single, you may be called upon to make a final decision regarding a commitment. If the person you are dating is worth taking to the next level, go for it and spice things up! Your creativity will also be at an all-time high, so put it to good use.  When the new moon arrives in Pisces on March 17, you may decide to go on a long distance trip to decompress and explore. Of course, this could have already been previously booked and the time for it now manifests.  If you have no time to go away, go out for some good foreign cuisine, watch a highly rated foreign film, or pick up a book that makes you feel as if you are in another universe. You could also settle or start a legal case, or think about taking some art classes. The month ends with the Full blue Moon in Libra and your inner self will need some self-care. Do something that makes you super happy, you won’t be sorry!  Mercury retrogrades in your career house, and you may run into old colleagues or review your current status. 


by Astromaji