You may be thinking about going away to a foreign place as the month starts, dear Capricorn.  However, if work has you tied up, you may pick up a great book or watch a show about foreign places that gets your creativity going. Regardless, you can always scope out locales for a later time.  Do what soothes your soul. Jupiter goes retrograde on 3/9, and you may hear from an old friend or colleague that has something interesting to tell you.  Venus is in your house of communication until the 7th, so there is a big chance that you will have a silver tongue this month that damn well gets you anything you want.  Be sure to keep a congenial stance while talking to siblings and neighbors alike. People will be hanging on your every word, so try not to give in to the urge to tell them what you are really thinking being every planet imaginable is piling up in your house of communication.  Being this is also your house of short trips, go for some drives in nature to combat stress, especially if your book deadline is due and you have yet to finish the last chapter.  Being near water may help!  As Venus goes into your home life sector on 3/7, you may be entertaining or setting up a beautiful space in your home.  It will be time to kick back and relax with your favorite Chianti. Things can be a little more sentimental, romantic, aesthetically beautiful, or calm around that time as well. This month ends with a full blue moon in Libra, and if you have been unhappy at your job, you may be finally saying sayonara!  See to it that you get what you deserve if you are negotiating a new salary or gunning for a raise or promotion. 

by Astromaji