The month begins with some thoughts on how to save money, how to better track and responsibly spend money, showing your self-worth and getting a little confidence boost, as well as shifts at your place of earned income and discussions around how to properly manage financials in the work place due to the Virgo moon in the 2nd house. You will also be wondering if your living situation is right for you and will ponder if you will want to renew your lease or look for a place that truly inspires you to get up and move every day. You will deliberate carefully and look within your core self during the Jupiter in Scorpio retrograde. Write a pros and cons list and perhaps draw up a vision board of exactly what you want so you can easily manifest it. The new moon in Pisces in your 8th house of commission based income will bring some new opportunities, especially in your side hustle, or you may finally sell your masterpiece to the highest bidder or publish that blog.  Connections can get very deep and sexy around the 17th, and you may even get a nice little tax check and treat yourself and someone special to a nice dinner. Mercury retrogrades on the 22nd, and you will review all of the places you have been in the world and think of where you would like to visit next. You may also think about your spirituality and how to give it a nice big boost.  If you have ever wanted to write a book, the time is now. Venus in Aries will make sure to it that you get hit on by a sexy foreigner if you do travel this month.  Take them to a museum where you could admire the art of the country and revel in the ambience. Make your big lion heart sing by tuning up that magnificent voice and polishing up your best salsa moves. Get out on the dance floor with your best outfit on to blow off some steam and have some fun, just don’t break the bank by signing any big checks!  Moderation is key this month, especially with the Full Blue Libra moon bringing a nice bit of communication towards the end of the month, be ready for anything!

by Astromaji