This month will start out quiet with your thinking about your aspirations in quiet and deep thought, but will also have your fitness game going to another level, as Venus and a plethora of other planets will start the month in the house of health, fitness, and routines until the 6th giving you a sexy boost to make you very easy on the eyes.  Now if that wasn’t enough, we have a wonderful new moon in Pisces in that same house on 3/17, so instead of drinking green beer, you will be drinking green tea for St. Patty’s Day.  You’ll have one leg up on the competition come June. Get thee to the gym and get that summer body poppin’!  The full blue moon in Libra on 3/31 will also help you with your appearance and possibly a new look for those fabulous parties you will be invited to.  On 3/9, we’ll be experiencing Jupiter going into retrograde, and that will be in your financial house, so don’t splurge too much, as you may have to visit your portfolio manager to bring your new creative ideas to light this month. The sky is the limit for you with all this emphasis on the self. Once 3/7 comes along, there may be some activity in your relationship house and an influx of suitors to win your heart. However, As Mercury retrograde approaches on 3/22, an old flame may be the only one who can satisfy you.  Take things slowly and really communicate your needs and vice versa.  It could be the start of a rekindled love affair that can lead to more. Coupled Libras will have some very beautiful moments as well. 

by Astromaji