March begins with the evolution of you when the pile up of planets appear in house 1 of your horoscope. How do others view you, and how do you view yourself?  Don’t be so hard on yourself that you end up psyching yourself out. Instead, wear your Sunday best and brunch with your bestie. You will be radiating divine energy this month, so ensure that your aspirations become tangible this month. Venus moves into your 2nd house of earned income, possessions, self-worth, and value on 3/7 and you may get a nice little increase in your place of business or look for a way out to a place that values your ideas a bit more. Pick up an art book and see what you can come up with. Sometimes all we need is a muse!  Mercury retrogrades in that very same house starting 3/22, and you will really be reflecting on how to put more money in the bank, and you may come to the conclusion that money makes the world go ‘round and that you will not settle for anything less than you deserve. Excellent, dear Pisces!  There is a full moon on 3/2 in your opposite sign of Virgo, and things could get hot and heavy with your significant other.  Look to see how things have been going all along to gage what the outcome will be, as it may be make or break time.  If things are going well, this could very well be the month you say “I do.” If not, you may decide to take some time to reflect. Jupiter retrogrades in the 9th house on 3/9 and you will really want to rush to and book a trip. The month ends with a full blue moon in your house of commission based income on 3/31, and you may be booked for a sexy gig around that time. Go for it!  Things can also get a little sexy around that time, so get that fragrance out and spray a little behind your ears. Word to the wise- use your tax season check wisely and invest in yourself.  You have endless possibilities in your future.  Don’t waste a minute of your time focusing on fear. Put your ideas to the test.

by Astromaji