March starts out to a full moon boosting your house of networking, friends, groups, and associations and there may be a cause that you rally for around 3/2. You may also have to be there for a friend or someone important to you at the start of the month. Venus and a stellium of planets in Pisces in your 5th house and a new moon in Pisces on 3/17 will ensure that your kids will be at the forefront of all conversations this month if you are a parent.  You may also be thinking of conceiving another, and this could be the month where it happens, or you find out that it’s already happened. If you are not a parent, you may find many new ways to be creative, releasing your inner child, and having fun with the new moon touching your area of true love, children, and creativity. One 3/7 comes around, you will want to get serious about your health, and Mercury retrograde starting the 22nd of the month will see to it that you can review your diet and exercise program and really get yourself on track to be your very best. Jupiter will retrograde on 3/9 this month in your house of self, and you will put much emphasis on how you appear to others and yourself and you will really want to improve all aspects of yourself.  Go for it, dear Scorpio! 

by Astromaji