March begins with a full moon in your 5th house of fun, children, dating, and creativity and those areas will be highlighted.  You may have conversations surrounding a child or their care, your love life, and/or review a dating situation if you are single. All those days spent in the office with layouts pinned to the wall will finally pay off as your dream client says yes to the campaign. There could be an important social event to tend to as well. Try to schedule a date night to take a break from the routine, as things may have gotten a little mundane lately.  Jupiter retrogrades in your house of serious boo’s on March 9th and you can review the state of your union and find ways to make it better, or you may be signing papers to allow a contractor or collaborator to help you with a project very soon. There will be a new moon in your house of associations, friendships, and networking on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, so try to catch a drink or two with people you value. The full blue moon in Libra on March 31 will have you reevaluating your health and fitness routine and get you motivated to take on some new diet and exercise programs.  If you are a self-employed boss, you can also figure out the perfect way to juggle your responsibilities! March 22nd begins the Mercury retrograde, so do not make any final decisions if they are costly or permanent.  You could have some dreams that elude to the fact that you are not over a situation, take some time to yourself to reflect. 


by Astromaji