This month begins and it’s all about you.  Last month’s eclipse in Aquarius may have shaken you up physically, and you will need the first week to recuperate a bit. Luckily, the stellium in dreamy Pisces in the 7th house of serious relationships, partnerships, and collaborators will bring about just the right amount of fog so that you don’t know whether to go up or down. However, this much needed time brings beautiful moments as well. March 2 may find you doing something for yourself, whether it’s getting your hair did, a new outfit, or new Loubs. Whatever it is, you will feel fabulous and extroverted. You will want to explore, and with your relationship house lit up, you may be having some conversations on whether to take things to the next level or have them come to a screeching halt.  Only you know what direction you should go in, but remember, with the new moon in Pisces on the 17th, you will surely have lots of action in that arena and should pick the right person, as they could stick around for quite some time. Venus moves into your 8th house on 3/7, and with that comes an opportunity to continue to ideate and make some nice bank with your side hustle, along with getting that tax season check that may have you finally buying that Warhol you have always wanted. Just be sure to keep some extra money saved near 3/31 when your financial house receives some attention.  You may have to shell out some money for a purchase, so pace yourself. Jupiter retrogrades on the 9th, and you will be replaying conversations you have had in the past. There is a chance you can finally have closure on a past situation and close the door for good, or make room for another go round. Whichever way you go, make sure it’s for the highest good, because you will be busy being wanted this month, especially with Mercury retrograde touring your house of sex possibly bringing some passion back into your life by someone you may have thought it was over with. If you happen to do your taxes around this time, make sure you check your receipts, as Mercury retrograde can cause some snafus in this area. 

by Astromaji