Today marks the completion of Sasha Velour’s ‘so emotional’ reign as America’s Next Drag Superstar, ever since snatching that crown in one of the most iconic moments in RPDG history, Sasha Velour has been turning heads performing to sold out audiences around the globe (including Beirut), creating her own drag show “Nightgowns” and making her mark in both the Art and Fashion worlds. Yet Sasha’s biggest accomplishment is the ever lasting impact she had shedding light on LGBTQI rights, and giving a voice to the marginalised members of the community.


Sasha has devoted her rise to fame to empower gay activists around the world, as well as to shed some light on other forms of Drag that the general public has not yet been exposed to.  A living and breathing art installation, she consistently pushes the boundaries of drag with each of her head-spinning designs, fueled by an undying vocation to ‘turn darkness into light’. In order to celebrate her Queendom, Plastik is sharing a glimpse of her mesmerising limited edition cover to be featured in Plastik Magazine’s upcoming issue, shot by none other than Eli Rezkallah.