Just yesterday our fathers stood lost in the middle of the information highway,  blinded by flashy technology and overwhelmed by the speed of the flow, completely oblivious of an imminent future. But today we know that the world is changing faster* than our fathers would like to admit. Today we understand that is us who are changing the world. Creativity is our only driving force. And Ideas are our most valuable currency. The deaf and dumb consumer is dead. We are the world’s new emerging figure, the Prosumers: producers and consumers of information. We bring back the world’s true beauty. And tomorrow we break down the imaginary boundaries we have set up for our minds, and we set each other’s imaginations free.

Tomorrow we stand witnesses to the strange death of the commercial brand. Tomorrow only Brand Me shall prevail. We all have something to say. And we will make ourselves heard. You are imaginative happy people. Persistently inspired by your changing worlds. You know that there os always something better around the corner, and instead of waiting for it you go out and get it. You have your heads high up in the clouds, but your feet are always on the ground, wether you are wearing hot-pink sneakers or drop-dead designer heels. You have grown up but never stopped playing. You are the fairies of the law firms and the Peter-pans of the business world. You’re the girls who break hearts, and the boys everyone wants to handcuff on their bed. You are the brides who run away with their bridesmaids and the grooms who end up marrying their best man. You’re the high school sweethearts who live happily ever after.


Yasmine hamdan


On June 8, the world witnessed the long awaited release of YAS’ debut album Arabology. The result is a dozen of upbeat electronic dance tracks that no d oubt will do well in the club circuit, and have the potential to propel Arabic pop to the top of the western charts for the first time in history. YAS consists of Yasmine Hamdan, the female half of former Lebanese cult band Soap Kills, and Mirwais, a leading member of the French electronic scene and known as a producer of the Madonna albums Music, American Life and Confessions on a Dance Floor. A few days after Arabology’s release, Plastik spoke to Yasmine in Paris. She had just finished rehearsals and enjoyed a coffee in a café near Metro Parmentier. She was in a good mood, enjoying the first rays of sunshine following three weeks of rain and grey skies..