spring has sprung!


There is something in the air this time of year. A feeling that heralds energy, excitement, and “newness.” But this feeling isn’t exactly new; we portrayed it in drawings as little kids, recited it in poems in school and heard Frank Sinatra hum about it on the radio as adults. Spring has sprung! After odorless, drowsy weeks, we see the first rays of sun and catch the first glimpse of color everywhere around us. It is a new energy that pumps life into PLASTIK*.  

This issue is buzzing with new collections, new art exhibitions and lots and lots of inspirational guests – many of them have been our heroes all along. From Terry Richardson and Michel Haddi, to Damine Hirst and Christian Louboutin, we celebrate the world’s most genuine visionaries that keep us thriving for a beauty far from being manufactured. In fact, “manufactured” is a word that has been linked closely to girl of the moment Lana Del Rey; and in that respect, we decipher the phenomenon that she is now and the fashion world’s obsession with her in Vintage Americana. Her music and style have been adopted on most runways for this spring, prompting nostalgia to 1950’s Americana and the optimism of the tailfin era. It’s spring, alright! It is no time to reflect, it is time to push the refresh button and set new goals. It is a sugar rush –like a kid who got high after eating too much candy, and boy, we have lots of that!


neelanthi vavidel


With larger-than-life designs, captivating story and highly talented cast of dancers, Cirque du Soleil’s longest running masterpiece Saltimbanco continues to mesmerize audiences from all continents of the world after 20 years of touring. Today, and for the first time ever, this visual extravaganza will stage its magic in Beirut. The show’s artistic director Neelanthi Vavidel gave us a rare glimpse into Cirque’s vision of an urban metropolis, its flamboyant inhabitants and language of colors. Saltimbanco will make your heart skip a bit.