I still remember that night in april 2009 like it was yesterday. It was 2am, I was back at my old place in Gemmayze with two of my best friends at the time to celebrate the launching party of Plastik. As they recalled earlier parts of the evening, I was mainly feeling happy to have started something I was passionate about. So passionate in fact, that I had spent my 22nd birthday on indesign. A year later, Plastik came to life; I was 23 and that first issue was the end of my life as a young boy. From collecting magazine cut outs as a child and wondering about being part of that world, to thinking local magazines can be done differently, to actually doing it. It wasn't planned, but it happened, and kept on happening... It was the first edition of plastik when candy* joined this journey. Five years on, through the ups and downs of the industry and regional upheavals, we both remained loyal to our love for Plastik. It is that common dedication, and the support of an efficient team, that kept fueling our vision. In 2012, plastik went global, reaching audiences all around the world. But I hope our biggest achievement was inspiring the younger generation and helping create a ripple effect in the local scene, proving that creatively satisfying. careers can be home grown.




The Amsterdam photography museum (foam) in march selected Daniel Gordon as the winner of the 8th paul huf award, which is handed out annually to an exceptional young photographer under 35 years old. The award comes with €20,000 in prize money and a solo exhibition at the museum later this year.




In the past few months, the social media platform has been buzzing with images of political leaders dressed-up as flamboyant drag queens. The visual artist behind the controversy remains anonymous, conducting worldwide interviews under the pseudonym Saint Hoax. Plastik interviewed him to get a deeper understanding of his pop-political message and discuss his latest projects.