"Scotch tapes EVERYWHERE!!!", screamed Mr.B incessantly – in his ever melodramatic tone. It took 243 Campbell soups, 68 pills, 10 inflatables, 2 bottles of Pinot Grigio and a countless number of Scotch tapes to recreate the works of famous pop artists, for our second edition of The Art Issue. In the art world, there's a very thin line between art and reality. In museums, this line is actually drawn on the floor, watched heavily by security cameras, mounted by a "Please Don't Touch" sign and a black security girl. By laws of human nature, we are always tempted to poke. What is it made of? What does it mean? What the hell was the artist smoking? Our doll has broken outside her box and crossed all the lines. Not only does she break the art, but – like a caterpillar – she also takes its shape and blends with it until she becomes it. Yet she is made of Plastik*. And if PLASTIK breaks - there's no amount of Scotch tapes in the world that could fix that.




As paper, glue and scissors made way for cut and paste I digitalized tools, collage art has made A striking comeback in recent years. California based Eugenia Loli is one one of the genre’s most successful representatives, Plastik interviewed the queen of collages to ask her about her work, the revival of collage art and much more.


Haruhiko Kawaguchi


Haruhiko Kawaguchi, better known as photographer hal, has traveled the world with his intimate images of young couples happily in love. We see them cramped together in bathtubs or vacuum-packed in plastic. Hal’s work is all about love, yet at the same time, offers a wonderful cross section of Tokyo’s young, vibrant and very colorful club scene. 




American Photographer Gray Malin adores snow and sand. So much is clear from his hundreds of images showing golden beaches, turquoise waters and white ski slopes that are brought to life by brightly-colored jackets, bikinis and umbrellas. For his series A LA PLAGE, he traveled across six continents to photograph life at the beach from the air, while more recently he set sail the Antarctic.