To elissa or not to elissa


Just yesterday Plastik was a product of pure imagination. Upon a shooting star, we hoped that Santa would make our wishes come true. Little did we know, that we were left amidst the darkness of an empty wonderland, armed with nothing but a dream. But today Plastik is a pure imaginative product. We have climbed up the stairs of our creative bubble, and tip-toed on the clouds fogging our vision. The play field is now lit. The merry-go-round is filled and the rollercoaster is ready to roll. But Santa is not invited to the party. And tomorrow you will jump aboard the carousel and ride the rollercoaster. You will join the circus of high-heeled jugglers and bespoke clowns. Tomorrow you will live to tell your own fairytale of a vision. And your “once upon a time” will be your “happily ever after”.